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Please kick the fire into a blaze, pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair and have a look at what's going on in the world of singer songwriter, guitarist and fiddle player Patrick Evans. You'll find the latest gigs, news on new songs and recordings and links to events of interest as well as to my musical friends. Please visit my blog where I'll be posting thoughts on song writing, guitar playing and fiddle playing as well as tips on how I go about it. I'll also be passing on info on artists and recordings I think may be of interest.
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I've been writing songs for a long time but I still wonder where they come from. Sometimes it's a drawn out process, you have a concept, start collating ideas, do some research (especially if it's a historic song) and start trying out different melodies and chord progressions. Other times they leap out almost fully formed and pretty much write themselves in an hour or two. These songs are almost gifts from above. It's like you've just tuned into some radio station from a parallel universe and plucked a song from their playlist. Now there's an idea for a song!

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"This Old Guitar" 1983 Maton CW80

"This Old Guitar" 1983 Maton CW80


News Flash! What an honour to have been awarded first place in the Peninsula Folk Clubs Songwriting competition for 2015!
It's great to have improved on last year with my new song "Midnight Valentino". I will have a video up of the song soon...
Once again thanks to everybody at the Peninsula Folk Club....

I'm delighted to have been awarded second place in the Peninsula Folk Club Songwriting Competition on Sunday, June 1st. It was a great night with 20 great entries so I feel very privileged to have done so well. My entry was a song called "This Old Guitar" written on (and about) my trusty old 1983 Maton CW80. Thanks to everybody at the Peninsula Folk Club and hats off to all the contestants. Great work everybody!