The Deni Uke Muster

Yes, it's been a while. I didn't realise how long it's been since I last posted a blog but life's like that I suppose.. It keeps getting in the way of the things you tell yourself are important and we…

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Farewell Danny Spooner

It’s taken me a while to think this through but I wanted to farewell one of the great mentors in my life properly. 

Danny Spooner was a constant in my life. He never really changed and I guess, like…

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From Gilgandra Down to Bathhurst Town

Every now and then you have one of those moments when your imaginary world becomes real, where fiction becomes fact. It's not always great. I can remember the first few times I discovered life behind the scenes of the music…Read more

After The Democracy Sausage Has Gone Down... 

This has not been a good week in our town and a pretty tough year everywhere so I thought I'd share one of my highlights from last year to maybe sooth the savage breast a little.
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Writers Block @ The Lomond

I'm really looking forward to this Thursday's show at the Lomond. I'll be sharing the stage with five other terrific songwriters, Bec Goring, Frank Jones, David Hyams, Anna Cordell and Mandy Connell. The theme for this month is "money" (which…Read more

Back In The Saddle Again!

Well, what a crazy few months it's been! I've done a few shows here and there with my good friend Suzette Herft and my old mate Danny Spooner (which have been great) but mostly it's been about renovating, painting and…Read more

Off To Port Fairy Again!

Man, does it come around fast! Once again I'm packing the bags to head down to Port Fairy for the 40th Port Fairy Folk Festival. I don't like to dwell too much on the fact that this is something like…Read more

A Christmas Tale - And a Sneak Preview 

I can't say for sure that all of this happened, or that it all happened on he same day, or even the same year. It's funny how our memories tend to cluster into periods or even decades and I'm sure…Read more

News Flash!

Hi All, 
Just to keep you in the loop. Things have been a little quiet here at "Folk Bloke Central" but a few events are coming up so please have a look at my shows page to see if anything…Read more