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Somewhere in the back of my mind the phrase "Cozy Moments cannot be muzzled!" keeps rattling around. I think it's from a P.G.Wodehouse book but I may be wrong. 
The main character inherited a magazine which catered for knitters of doilies, scarves and other homely crafts and decided to turn it into a fierce voice in the front line of social justice (or something like that). Anyway, this blog will be about as focused as Cozy Moments as I'm in that kind of rambling mood.
I'm feeling pretty satisfied as a song writer having just been awarded first place in the Peninsula Folk Club's 2015 Songwriting Competition with my latest song "Midweek Valentino". It's really gratifying to be rewarded for the hard work that goes into putting a song together. This one went through seven or eight re-writes over about six weeks before it came together. It probably still needs a little work but it seems to hang together now.  I won't spoil it by publishing it yet as I'm going to do a video of it over the next week or so. 
Performing at the Folk Club takes me back to my younger days in Geelong and I realize how important these clubs are in providing fledgling performers with opportunities to develop in a supportive environment. I owe an enormous amount to the encouragement and opportunities provided to me by the Geelong Folk Club through the late 1970's and the !980's. Not only did I develop as a musician there, I would probably not have become a luthier were it not for the community and support of the whole folk movement in Geelong at the time. I really applaud the work of people involved in folk clubs and music clubs everywhere. It's critical and cannot be over valued.
Lastly, have a look at my shows page for some upcoming dates. The wonderful Suzette Herft and myself have a few show coming up, particularly this Sunday (June 14) at Hardiman's Hotel in Kensington between 3.00 and 6.00pm. I'll also be trotting out a few new songs at Wax Lyrical next Tuesday night and for something completely different I'm looking forward to playing with Kieran O'Connell and the boys from Shanachie at The Celtic Club on Sunday afternoon, July 5.
Hopefully I'll see you at one of these shows soon.

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