Midweek Valentino 

Well what a month this has been! Apart from a sensational show with Suzette Herft and Pete Fidler at the Spotted Mallard last week (where we launched not one, but two CD's) it's been a crazy time of moving things…Read more

Desert Island Discs - What's Yours?

A few years ago I was having dinner with my colleague and friend Rob Marsh (a true gentleman and a fine singer songwriter to boot, also a bottomless source of trivial information about just about anything) and he asked mt…Read more

Look What I Found! A Song By William F Barrow

So here I am, right in the middle of a terrible song writing drought.
I've got bits and pieces of half started songs, ideas scribbled in note books, chord progressions, melodies, grooves..... All ready to go and absolutely nothing to…Read more

Welcome to Cozy Moments.....

Somewhere in the back of my mind the phrase "Cozy Moments cannot be muzzled!" keeps rattling around. I think it's from a P.G.Wodehouse book but I may be wrong. 
The main character inherited a magazine which catered for knitters of…Read more

The Hard Life of a Much Traveled Guitar...

I've met a lot of guitars and guitar players in my life. In all sorts of places and situations but some really stand apart.
I first met Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz (I think for the first time anyway) in…Read more

William F Barrow - Poet

I'd like to introduce you to William Frederic Barrow, Sergeant in the 7th Battalion RAA.
William (or Uncle Bill) as he was referred to by my family was a mining engineer from Ballarat, Victoria. He was my grandmother's (Lillian Barrow)…Read more

Music & Friends - What A Combination!

There are times when I have to pinch myself to see if it's not all a dream!
The last month or so has been a blur of great gigs at wonderful venues with friends new and old. Music has been…Read more