Spring, Indian Minahs and Musical Ruts..... 

It's nearly here! Winter has had it's last gasp (and well glad I am to be shot of it really, this winter's been one I'm happy to see the back of) and Spring is charging in with its blustery northerly's…Read more

The Old Chestnuts... 

One of my first great mentors in instrument making, music and life in general, was (and still is) Pat Doole. Pat gave me insights into instrument making that I still use on a daily basis thirty plus years later. For…Read more

Never Work With Kids Or Animals...... 

It's an old truism in show business. Never work with kids or animals, they'll steal the attention and you'll be forgotten, left in the ruins of a once promising career, forced to go back to your old trade of....well, guitar…Read more

Homeland and The Year Of Meaningless Jingoism... 

It was January 1988 and I was propping up a pillar at the Collendina Hotel, Ocean Grove, watching Mick Thomas and Weddings Parties Anything show us how it was done. I had two heroes at the time, Mick Thomas and…Read more

The Edge Of The World 

Stevie Connor, the presenter of Wee Dan's Hoose on Blues & Roots Radio (you should catch it, it's a great show) told me that my song "This Old Guitar" had been played on Isles FM The Hebrides of Scotland or…Read more

Lucky Suns - Down To The Sea 

I guess I was pretty lucky as a boy. At the age of nine my family relocated from inner city North Carlton to Torquay (on Victoria's surf coast) for one year and then to Clifton Springs on the Bellarine Peninsula…Read more

The Wrenboys - Rake The Coals 

I wrote this song in 1998 and recorded it with The Wrenboys in early 1999. I don't remember that much about writing it except that it was mainly about an imaginary meeting with an ex-girlfriend (such meetings in real life…Read more

It's A Long Way From Fighting In France 

When I was growing up I heard stories of my mother’s uncle, Reg Ellis, who had been killed on the Somme during the First World War. As I recall it was the younger generation that spoke of him. My grandmother…Read more

This Old Guitar

I wrote this song recently as an ode to my old 1985 Maton CW80.
It's an attempt to explore the relationship we have as musicians with our instruments. I think we all have a favourite instrument and it's not always…Read more

House Of Angles

I've just uploaded the Fiddlestix recording of my song "House Of Angles" onto my history page as part of the EP "Another Angle".
The first thing that leaps out to me is the huge voice of Colin James on backing…Read more

Still In Love with You

I've just uploaded a new song "Still In Love With You" which was recorded live at my good friend Gordon's studio. You'll find it on the Music page. It has the odd click from the fingers hitting the scratchplate but…Read more

The Evans Brothers

One of life's great pleasures is making music with family. I grew up singing in choirs with my Dad and more recently I've been helping my 7 year old daughter, Sofia, with her violin lessons. We play together pretty much…Read more