This Old Guitar – Patrick Evans

When I play this old guitar
I think about the men who made it
Think about the miles we’ve travelled
Of all the places I have played it

When I play this old guitar
I think about the day I bought it
It wasn’t all I wished for
But I could just afford it

I needed something for a broken heart
No drugs, no wine, no women
Just a brand new start
I needed something to get me through
It’s amazing what this old guitar can do

Now me and this old guitar
We’ve come to know each other well
She’s written me a hundred songs
And where we’ll end up who can tell

She’s got new paint, she’s got new frets
New pickup and new tuning heads
She’s done a thousand gigs at least
She’ll do a thousand more


Sometimes I think she understands
The way I feel and all my plans
And I have to tell myself it’s all inside my head
For she is made of strings and wood
And the men who made her made her good
But she’s just an old guitar….

Repeat Chorus