1. Election Day

Live at Cluney Tunes 2016. With Rachael Johnston (Cello) and Hugh Gordon (Violin)


Election Day – © Patrick Evans, July 2016

First time she saw him he was handing out cards
In his ALP T-shirt by the school yard
On her way to the polling booth, quarter to ten
On Election Day

Her Dad always said “don’t vote for the Greens
Labor’s no better, we don’t have the means
They’ll ruin this land with their socialist schemes”
On Election Day

But she likes his smile
So she stays a while
And buys some tea in a paper cup

Sun’s shining down it’s a beautiful day
She chats with a neighbor, still looking his way
And tries to pretend she can’t see him
On Election Day

Then she gathers each card so as not to offend
She says “see you later” and joins the end
Of the queue
On Election Day

And she likes his style
But she hides her smile
And drinks her tea from a paper cup

Candidates have made their play, now it’s up to you
Time has come to show your hand, do what you must do
On Election Day

And that’s where we leave them to make their own way
To get it together or let love fly away like the
How to vote papers swept up by the wind
On Election Day

Still she likes his smile
Will she stay a while
And bring him tea in a paper cup
Yes she likes his style
Will she stay a while
And bring him tea in a paper cup
On Election Day, On Election Day, On Election Day