1. Let It All Out

From the recording The Wrenboys


Let It All Out – Patrick Evans

When I first got your message
I was drinking at the bar
I had Phil and Stu beside me
We were on out seventh jar
So I stumbled to a pay phone
But I had the ask for change
The phone rang out and I hung up
I started feeling strange

So I fell into a taxi
I mumbled your address
Through every passing suburb
I knew I’d make amends
I thought about my sorrow
Thought about the fights
About bee and bands and women
The endless drunken nights

Let it all out, let it all out
About the wall that’s come between us
You know I can’t hide anything from you
Let it all out, let it all out
There was something good between us
Never gonna make it without you

Now my friends all think I’m crazy
Don’t know where I’m coming from
But they weren’t there with you and me
It was like an atom bomb
Now I’ve done my best to leave you
Don’t know the reason why
I could always say I love you
But I could never say goodbye