Midweek Valentino – Patrick Evans © 2015

He’s brought his dancing shoes tonight
And he doesn’t care who knows
He lets the music move him,
Down to his steel capped toes

He’s whirling, twirling, spinning round
Like he is in a trance
Like he’s the main attraction
The hero of the dance

He’s a midweek Valentino
And he moves like Fred Astaire
But he’ll go home alone tonight
To a place where no one cares, nobody cares

And the band looks at each other
But no one even blinks
They’ve played a million bars like this
Where the fee just buys your drinks

But there’s some kind of connection
With the guy who’s spinning round
Everybody’s here for something
Or someone they’ve never found

Bridge (x1)
Valentino shining like a star….
Seems like no one cares just who you are

And me, I’ve got no place to go,
Nobody waits for me
I’ll have a drink for Valentino
Coz, you know, he’s just like me


Bridge (x2)