Musical Archaeology - A Memory Shared 

I've always bee something of a nostalgist. Even as a young boy I can remember a hankering for days gone by and as a young song writer I rarely ventured into the 20th century. I have no idea why really. Perhaps it had something to do with growing up with out TV in the house and  huge number of books, many published in the 20's and 30's (probably as a result of the grandparents clearing out their book cases). We listened to the ABC at home and 'Sentimental Journey' was one of my favourite programs as well as the many BBC comedy and game shows they used to play. Perhaps it was inevitable I gravitated toward folk music ,blues and jazz after a very short testosterone fueled dalliance with with rock in the mid to late 70's. 
Cut to the late 80's (an era I have absolutely no nostalgia for, horrible hair cuts, acid wash jeans and ridiculous, pompous synth fueled dance music posing as culture) and there I was, in my mid 20's, pining for the dance hall days of the 40's and wondering what to do now that Fiddlestix had broken up.........
To be honest I had completely forgotten about this but my good friend and musical archaeologist / sleuth, Jeff Lang, unearthed a treasure from his dusty catacombs the other day and sent me a copy of a song we recorded together at Animal Farm Studios (Paul McMahon's studio at the back of Soundware Music, Geelong) along with Dominic McAlinden and Paul in 1988. The song is 'Marina's Hand' and is mostly nostalgic fantasy apart from references to The Palais, a dance hall that I played many times with many different bands in the early 80's. I think we were banned from the venue after star jumping off the piano while doing Pete Townshend guitar whirls whilst playing the Virginia Reel or something (can't have been the Pride of Erin me thinks). 
Jeff is scorching on guitar, even in those early days. I can't remember a time when he wasn't amazing and I've known him since his high school years. I played the acoustic guitars and I think I did the fiddle part as well (though I might be claiming the work of Rob Doole, I just don't remember). The vocals are obviously me.
So, a nostalgic piece of nostalgia from a good mate. Thanks Jeff . I hope you enjoy 'Marina's Hand.

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