The Return Of The Evans Brothers - A Call For Tolerance

My brother Richard and I have written a few songs together and have some more in the pipeline but I thought it timely to post this one in light of recent events both here and in France.
A while ago I attended the Palm Sunday Rally in Melbourne and joined with thousands of others in protest against the treatment of refugees seeking asylum in this wonderful country of ours. I was inspired by the spirit and humanity of the gathering and a few days later tried to write a song calling for people who claim to be Christian to apply their Christian principles when dealing with those seeking their help, especially children. Unfortunately it was completely awful, so bad in fact that I think I should sell it to Metro Trains so they can play it at night to keep graffiti artists away from their railway stations and prevent gangs from gathering in public places. It might also have potential as a shark deterrent if played on a wrist bracelet with a small speaker, worn whilst swimming. Actually, in a cruel twist of fate, it might even be used by Tony Abbott and be played on speakers dotted along our northern coast line. I can pretty much guarantee it would deter practically anyone setting foot on our northern beaches. Yes, I wrote some pretty good songs last year (even if I do say so myself), this wasn't one of them.....
In desperation I sent the lyrics to Richard to see if he could help. He did the kindest thing and humanely disposed of it and scattered the ashes in the bin.
Then he sent me a set of lyrics he had been working on at the same time and I was blown away. He said all I had been trying to say but in a style that was instantly accessible and not in the least bit "preachy". I loved it. As has happened a few times now with Richard's lyrics the music pretty much wrote itself. There is something organic about the way we work together, maybe it's that brother thing....
The song is called "The City Has No Walls" and here it is, filmed at the Looney Tunes concert at the Brunswick Hotel in October 2014.
I hope you like it!
The City Has No Walls

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