Meanwhile back in the present..OR..What happened to Ginger...

If you've listened intently to the lyrics of 'Too Fat To Fly' (and let's face it, who hasn't?) you'll realize that I spent much of my youth with my nose buried in Biggles books. By today's standards they are a politically incorrect nightmare, loaded with racial stereotypes, completely disrespectful to any culture other than that of the main character (and the author) and appalling in all manner of ways, but as a kid I loved them. What does this have to do with anything? Not a lot to be honest, but it does explain the title of this blog. In his formulaic way of churning out Biggles books Captain W.E.Johns would set up the main story and then have the characters split up at some point after which he would write several chapters entitled 'What happened to Algy', What happened to Bertie', What happened to Ginger' and so on. Saved on plots and made the books thick enough to persuade book buying parents that they were getting value for their hard earned money when their scabby kneed son came home with the latest edition ratting around in his leather school satchel along with half a stick of boiled lolly and a half eaten apple.
So, what happened to Ginger? No idea, but meanwhile back in the present I have been doing a few shows around town both on my own and with my musical partner in crime Suzette Herft and we have some video footage available. Today's video is of a new song written shortly after my Dad's funeral called 'Everything's OK' and was recorded at a recent fund raiser for mental health at the Brunswick Hotel. I'm pretty happy with it and I hope you like it. If you follow the YouTube link you'll discover my sorely neglected channel with a few clips from some years ago. Have a look at 'Shed Of Evans' while you're there. It's my brother Richard and me at our silliest and was a lot of fun.
I will be doing a set of original songs this Tuesday night (including this one) at Wax Lyrical so come along if you get the chance. There are some other great performers on the bill as well and it would be great to see you there. You'll find the details on my 'Shows" page.


  • Suzette Herft
    Suzette Herft Melbourne
    Good one Patrick!

    Good one Patrick!

  • Emma
    Lovely work Pat!

    Lovely work Pat!

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