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Hi All, 
Just to keep you in the loop. Things have been a little quiet here at "Folk Bloke Central" but a few events are coming up so please have a look at my shows page to see if anything is happening near you. I have a bit of a special event this Saturday at Marysville. The wonderful instrument maker Chris Ffinch has organised and event featuring Maton's brilliant Custom Shop luthier Andy Allen this Saturday at the Little Fishes Gallery in Marysville at about 2.00pm. I am honoured to cap off Andy's presentation with a rendition of the song "Black Saturday" written by myseld and my brother Richard. What makes it really special is that I will be playing it on a guitar made from blackwood rescued from my father's property at Marysville after the fires. To make it even more special the guitar was built by Andy and we presented it to Chris on his retirement from Maton guitars after more years than I care to mention. Chris is also a Marysville resident and lost his house in the fires as well.
So there you go. Come along if you get the chance.
I will also be doing a concert with my good friend and musical collaborator Suzette Herft this Sunday at St Catherine of Sienna Church, Melton West at 4pm.
Next Saturday night sees meself, Emma Rodda and Rob Hornbuckle and maybe one or two others playing as the Wrenboys for a half hour set as part of a fundraiser for motor nuerone disease along with a whole bunch of fantastic Parry bands from the glory days of the 90's and early 2000's. It's at the Celtic club and bound to be a great night. We'll be on about 9.45pm. 
Later in the month I'll be performing "Farewell Angelina" with Suzette Herft at the Maldon Folk Festival (I'll also be there representing Maton as we are proud sponsors of the "Roddy Read" songwriting competition) and doing a set of original songs with Suzette at Bar 303 as part of the Darebin Songwriter's Guild contribution to The Darebin Music Feast.
Check out the shows page for more details on any of these shows.

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