Songwriting Groups

I have had some great messages about song writing and how to develop / go further with this wonderful art form. 
Im a member of Suzette Herft's song writing circle which has been absolutely brilliant for my development. There is nothing like having your song torn apart by people you trust and respect to make you try that little bit harder! It can be a bit confronting but, given that the idea of a song is to try and connect with people, to try and bring them into the vision or mood you are trying to create,  it makes sense to test the song out in a small, supportive group before subjecting it to the scrutiny of the "wide world" (to quote Ratty from the Wind in the Willows" "beyond the wild woods is the wide world and that concerns neither you or me. We shall never talk of this again"). Oooops, how did I get here? One of the main criticisms I get for early versions of my songs is "I'm a bit confused, who is actually speaking and what is this song about?" I think this blog falls into this category. So to cut to the chase - join a songwriting group, or if you can't find one, create one.