Never Work With Kids Or Animals...... 

It's an old truism in show business. Never work with kids or animals, they'll steal the attention and you'll be forgotten, left in the ruins of a once promising career, forced to go back to your old trade of....well, guitar making for example. Nevertheless "faint heart never won fair lady" as an old mentor of mine used to say (or something along those lines but not repeatable in respectable company) so here goes.....
Please make welcome Sofia Evans!
Sofia is my daughter  and, as much as we love each other dearly, she can be a bit harsh on her old man at times. Well, let's say honest...
This song came from a conversation we had in the car after I picked her up from after school care and were heading for her violin lesson. Incidentally, I suspect she'll be showing me the way home on violin in the not too distant future but that's another story. The introduction to the song is pretty much the way the conversation unfolded. When you hear it you'll understand why I nearly ran into the car in front of me I was laughing so hard. The rest of the song is just me indulging my inherited sense of the absurd and making up silly rhymes. My brother Richard does this brilliantly as did my Grandfather on my Dad's side and Great Uncle on my Mum's side. My Mum is pretty clever with this stuff as well. 
I had wanted to write a song with a 1930's style introduction for a while. I saw Enda Kenny do a great one at a songwriter's night recently and it rekindled my interest in the form so this is my attempt at an old style song with an introduction.
I asked Sofia if she would like to record the introduction and to my surprise she said "yes, let's do it". She was nervous in the studio but as you will hear she handled it like a true professional. I've never been so proud..
I've made this song available for free download if you join my mailing list. Just click the link  Too Fat To Fly and you'll find it., otherwise you can stream it right here.
So, may I introduce to you  - Sofia and Patrick Evans with 'Too Fat To Fly'.......

Sofia and Patrick Evans in the studio

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  • Suzette Herft
    Suzette Herft Melbourne
    How fabulous! And Sofia is a performer in the making.... she takes to it like a duck to water... Watch out dad!

    How fabulous! And Sofia is a performer in the making.... she takes to it like a duck to water... Watch out dad!

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